China & Hong Kong

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.
Casper - The Promoter

Truly connected with the market. With a background within sales and marketing, and having spent time of his youth in China, Casper makes the ideal COO of Antique Scandinavia. Casper manages all aspect of our day to day operations in China, and is our representative on the scene heading our China and Hong Kong offices. Casper’s strengths lies in his long experience from the world of media, sales and entertainment where he gained much experience from developing brands and managing clients – something easily adaptable to our China operations.

Nicky - Executive Assistant

The link between. Nicky has been with Antique Scandinavia since the very beginning of it’s China presences and knows the company in and out. With previous experiences of working with western companies in China, Taobao sales and customer care Nicky became an obvious choice during our initial requiting process. During our first year she has proved to be a tremendous asset with strength laying in her energy and enthusiasm.

The UK & Sweden

Tony - The Expert

A philanthropist of the fine arts. Tony provides Antique Scandinavia with not only the experience of antique trading and business knowledge but also the true essens of what an antique company is. Tony has for many years been trading high quality antiques in the EU and worked with some of the most famous auction houses. The former trade-fineancer and purchasing manager of Selfridges functions as Managing Director of Antique Scandinavia.

Collin - The Warehouser

Whether it’s keeping track of our items or assisting our experts Collin is our resorse in the UK. Backed with many years experience Collin knows how to get the job done.